AU MEME | Sherlock Holmes → Choi Seung Hyun as Sherlock Holmes

ABCs of BIGBANG » B for butts.
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Perv Challenge Day 4 – Idol that you think is great in bed: G-Dragon

i bet Jiyong would give and take just enough to make you grin, flush as well as walk funny for a week.

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BIGBANG in 20 years G-Dragon: Top music producer at G-Dragon Label Records
Daesung: Veteran singing judge at talent shows
Seungri: Japan TV and variety tv show host
TOP: Full-time actor in South Korean blockbusters
Taeyang: Daddy with two happy kids
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GD (yes that’s gd acting as a rich woman) grabbing TOP’s butt OMG >o< 

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Can I come in?

Can I come in?

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TOP: Hey, birthday boy..

GD : Let’s get started!

TOP: Eager much?

GD: Fuck you…

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YG Entertainment has officially confirmed that GD is filming a new MV near Seoul today. GD is fliming MV in Kyungki-do actually


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Things I love about Kwon Jiyong: His fingers / hands
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collarbones are so hot i can’t even emphasize this enough

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Reblog if your icon is pure perfection.
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G-Dragon’s abs. | Requested by oh-my-gdragon.

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gd&top’s rooms were next to each other.

then taeyang and daesung.

and seungri lived upstairs with the manager hyungs/noonas. :)

they all have their own rooms (i guess that explains why daesung carried tabi to jiyong’s room :))

‘Seungri lives with the noonas’ is the first thing caught my attention haha